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The Drum’s Super Bowl LVII ad scoreboard: Google’s ad boasts Doja Cat and two other celebs


By Audrey Kemp | Junior Reporter

February 3, 2023 | 27 min read

Welcome to The Drum’s Super Bowl LVII ad scoreboard, where we will track all of the brand action leading up to February 12. Check back early and often for updates.

football helmet

Here’s who is suiting up and sitting out in 2023 / Credit: The Drum

Suiting up:


bottles and cans of beer

Anheuser-Busch will return to Super Bowl with four spots for its leading portfolio brands Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra and Busch Light, totaling three minutes of national air time. However, AB’s brands will not be alone; they will be sharing the limelight with other alcoholic brands for the first time since 1988 after it gave up its exclusive advertising rights this year.


A recent announcement from the brand revealed that many spots will include celebrities. Take Kevin Bacon, for example, who is confirmed to narrate Budweiser’s spot, and Grammy-nominated producer Metro Boomin, who will star in the ad.

Budweiser’s game-day ad, which was released on January 31, will revive the brand‘s iconic tagline, ‘This Bud’s for you.’ Boomin both produced the ad’s soundtrack and is seen recording a song in a bedroom. But the other five stars of the ad are not so well-known; there’s rapper PineappleCITI, an amateur basketball player, a construction worker, a food truck owner and a woman who founded a community support group in the midst of the pandemic. The casting sends a message that Budweiser is a brand for everyone.

Bud Light

Bud Light’s Super Bowl campaign ushers in a significant shift in the beer’s branding: a more serious approach, as opposed to the brand’s historically comedic campaigns, as well as a new tagline, ’Easy to drink. Easy to enjoy.’

The ad stars actor Miles Teller, known for his role in the 2022 thriller Spiderhead, along with his wife Keleigh and a silver puppy. Keleigh, on the phone, appears to be stuck on hold, so Teller takes it upon himself to crack open a few Bud Lights to enjoy the moment with his wife. The pair then begin to dance to the immediately recognizable hold music.

In ’The Bud Light Carry’ the brand’s second spot, a woman navigates a crowded bar while holding five pint glasses of Bud Light in her hands as Hypnotize by the Notorious B.I.G. plays. Still, despite nearly spilling on herself many times, she chooses to enjoy the moment. Both spots present slightly annoying situations that we can all relate to, suggesting that Bud Light is positioning itself as a brand that helps consumers have fun, no matter the circumstance.

The spot was developed by Anomaly.

Busch Light

Singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan also stars in Busch Light’s hilarious spot, which the brand leaked early on January 30. In the spot, McLachlan attempts her routine ASPCA campaign script, until the brand‘s ‘Busch Guy’ mascot corrects her.

Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultras star-studded campaign channels the classic 1980 comedy Caddyshack. The two spots, produced by Weiden+Kennedy, were released early on February 1.

In one spot, titled ’New Members Day,’ athlete Serena Williams and Succession’s Brian Cox go head-to-head in a golf tournament at Bushwood Country Club. The pair are then joined by a large entourage of superstar athletes, including Tony Romo, who plays Bill Murray’s character, Jimmy Butler, Alex Morgan, Nneka Ogwumike and Canelo Alvarez.

The second spot promotes Full Swing, a new golf docuseries coming to Netflix immediately after the big game. A QR code in the spot will grant fans early access to the first episode.

Each brand will have the Super Bowl serve as the launch point for year-long campaigns encompassing TV, digital, social, out-of-home, e-comm and trade programming.

Avocados from Mexico

Nonprofit Avocados from Mexico is ripe for its eighth appearance in the big game. On January 30, Avocados from Mexico released a short clip teasing what its TV spot will entail. Shot in the style of a movie trailer, the teaser features actress Anna Faris, who is known for her work in the Scary Movie film franchise.

Produced by Dallas-based ad agency Lerma, the ad will support the brand’s new campaign designed to celebrate how Avocados From Mexico make everything better, and it will air during the largest consumption period of avocados during the year.

AI chatbot ChatGPT will also play a role in the campaign; a QR code will link to a ChatGPT-integrated landing page that will ask users to press a button to generate a Tweet to post during the game. The brand is currently in talks with Twitter to integrate the social platform’s API within the landing page to streamline tweeting. is bringing its second-ever in-game ad to the Super Bowl’s fourth quarter: a 30-second spot starring Melissa McCarthy. A teaser released by the travel brand on February 1 shows the Emmy Award-winning actress in a green clay mask, about to chow down on a comically large ham leg, while getting a foot massage.

The spot, produced by Canadian agency Zulu Alpha Kilo, will continue the brand‘s ‘Booking.yeah’ campaign.

Crown Royal

Liquor giant Diageo will make its Super Bowl debut with a 60-second spot for Crown Royal whiskey featuring Dave Grohl. To-date, the brand has released two teaser spots with the Foo Fighters frontman.

In one, titled ‘Dave Grohl thanks Studio 606,‘ Grohl is seated at a mixing board with a bottle of Crown Royal at his side. He gives thanks for a number of random objects around him, like a flannel jacket on his seat. ”Thank you, flannel, for keeping the grunge dream alive,” he says wistfully. ”Thank you, tiny guitar pick.”

In ‘Dave Grohl learns something new,’ the rocker glances at a piece of paper and reads off a list of seemingly random items: peanut butter, paint rollers, egg cartons and Hawaiian pizza.

Neither teaser spot makes much sense at this point; so the brand encourages fans to stay tuned for the official in-game spot, which airs during the third quarter. The campaign was developed by Anomaly and directed by HBO Voyeur Project director Jake Scott.


Doritos has revealed through two teasers that big-league rappers Jack Harlow and Missy Elliott will star in its Super Bowl spot and promote the snack brand’s new flavor, Sweet and Tangy BBQ .

Doritos previously offered fans a chance to appear in the game day ad by participating in a TikTok dance contest. The challenge, which kicked off on January 9 and closed on January 11, encouraged fans to upload “their best triangle-inspired dance,” like popular TikToker @vibin.wit.tay, along with the hashtags #DoritosTriangleTryout and #Entry. Three finalists and a single winner have not yet been announced.

@vibin.wit.tay #Doritos_Partner Want the chance to appear in @Doritos Super Bowl ad this year?! Share this dance using #DoritosTriangleTryout #Entry and follow @doritos ♬ original sound - Tay


Downy has released a sneak peek into its Super Bowl 2023 concept, albeit with a mysterious twist: a skeptical spokesperson who in the ad says will not reveal their identity until Downy Unstopables delivers on its 12-week freshness promise. “Downy Unstopables wants to use my face in [its] Super Bowl ad, but I haven‘t agreed, because I don‘t believe it yet,” he says in the spot, aptly titled ‘I’m not doing it yet.’

The ad, which was released 12 weeks ahead of the big game, is part of the brand’s new ‘Believe‘ campaign and is currently running on the air, TV, online and social. It was ideated and developed by Woven Collaborative and Saatchi & Saatchi.


kevin hart

Sports betting and fantasy platform DraftKings is launching its third big game campaign with a 30-second spot starring comedian Kevin Hart.

DraftKings made its Super Bowl debut in 2021 when it aired two 15-second ads. Both created in-house, the spots offered viewers the chance to bet for free on fourth-quarter action. In 2022, DraftKings ran a commercial titled ’Fortune: Life’s a gamble,’ which introduced a new risk-taking spokescharacter, the Goddess of Fortune, played by actress Emily James.

DraftKings’ internal team worked on the creative concept, while Hartbeat, Hart’s newly formed production company, produced the spot.

Elf Cosmetics

makeup tube

Cruelty-free beauty brand Elf Cosmetics will make its television debut with a 30-second spot developed in partnership with Shadow.

Slated to air during the second quarter, the campaign will highlight Elf’s best-selling makeup primer, the ’Power Grip Primer,’ and fronted by a yet-to-be-named, award-winning actress.

The script was co-written by Shadow and award-winning filmmaker Mike White, known for creating HBO’s comedy-drama series, The White Lotus. Meanwhile, Maggie Carey and Neal Brennan co-directed the campaign, and Caviar produced.


Online brokerage E*trade will make its third Super Bowl appearance during the first quarter with a 30-second spot produced by its longtime creative agency, MullenLowe. The spot will bring back the now-famous E*trade baby, which the brand resurrected in last year’s game.

In a teaser spot released on February 2, the baby is seen getting dressed in business attire. Like an adult, he removes the lint from his suit, secures cufflinks and parts his hair to the side.


Online sports betting platform FanDuel is taking a gamble of its own by announcing its Super Bowl ad debut: ‘Kick of Destiny.’ The campaign, ideated and developed by Wieden+Kennedy New York, features Super Bowl champion and five-time NFL pro-bowler, Rob Gronkowski (or as fans know him, ‘Gronk‘). He will attempt to kick a 25-yard field goal live during a third-quarter commercial break in the big game. If Gronk makes the kick, fans who placed a bet on the Super Bowl on FanDuel’s sportsbook will win a share of the brand‘s $10m giveaway.

Instead of a traditional Super Bowl ad, the campaign will encapsulate an event within the Super Bowl, providing fans with another entertaining experience during the big game. While Gronk continues to practice for his big moment, FanDuel will also release three spots throughout the month of January: ‘Agent,‘ which premiered on January 9, as well as ‘Training‘ and ‘Media,‘ which haven‘t been released yet. The spots document Gronk‘s training, as he enlists the help of the legendary NFL kicker with the most number of kicked points (and the most Super Bowl wins of any kicker), Adam Vinatieri.


doja cat

Google plans to air a star-studded spot with Team Pixel athlete and NBA All-Star Giannis Antetokoumnpo, pop star Doja Cat and actress Amy Schumer.

Giannis Antetokoumnpo

In ’Fixed on Pixel,’ the stars will demonstrate the photo editing capabilities of the Google Pixel 7 smartphones, which boast AI-powered photo editing tools, like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur. Developed and created by the tech giant’s in-house creative teams, the 90-second commercial will air during the game’s second quarter.

amy schumer


Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man will star in a 30-second Super Bowl ad that co-promotes Heineken’s non-alcoholic beer, Heineken 0.0, as well as Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, which premieres in theaters on February 17.

According to Heineken officials, the brand will stand out in the game as the first non-alcoholic adult beverage to run a Super Bowl ad. The spot, which is slated to run in the game’s first half, was co-produced by Marvel Studios’ partnerships team, Heineken 0.0, Publicis agency Le Pub and production company Bullitt.


Hellmann’s will make a Super Bowl comeback for the third consecutive year with a 30-second spot titled ’Make taste, not waste,’ airing during the game’s third quarter.

On Feb. 1, the Unilever-owned mayonnaise brand revealed the spot’s stars: Jon Hamm and Brie Larson. In the teaser, the award-winning actors are trapped in a mysterious, dimly lit box. Surrounding them are what appears to be a jar of mayonnaise, a lemon and other food, suggesting the pair is stuck in a giant refrigerator.

Like last year’s spot, the new ad will focus on tackling food waste. It was also created by Wunderman Thompson, the agency behind the brand’s in-game spots for the last two years.



Kia will air its 14th Super Bowl ad with a spot created by its agency of record, David & Goliath. While few campaign details have been revealed at this point, the Korean-owned automaker is advocating for the addition of a binky emoji in its lead-up.

On Feb. 3, Kia released a teaser image of pacifiers and accompanying statement stating the following: “They have provided soothing comfort to millions around the world for over 100 years. And yet, with literally thousands of emojis available on computers and mobile devices, this one stands out as being conspicuously absent – the Binky.”

To make the binky emoji available to all, the brand urges consumers to sign Kia America’s Binky Petition at To find out why this matters, the brand says consumers must tune into its big game ad.

Limit Break

Web3 game developer Limit Break is airing a 30-second Super Bowl ad that will give away 10,000 NFTs. The free tokens, available through a QR code in the ad, are intended to promote the company’s forthcoming online fantasy mobile game, DigiDaigaku, which rolls out later this year.

Molson Coors

Molson Coors plans to keep fans guessing whether Coors Light or Miller Lite will star in its first Super Bowl ad in 30 years. According to a teaser released on Jan. 27, consumers can bet on sportsbook DraftKings for a chance to win a portion of a $500,000 prize pool. Not only can consumers guess which brand will make the spot, but they can also bet on other details in the commercial, like the first beer it will mention, the type of dog behind the bar and how many people in the ad will have facial hair.

The brand’s agency of record, Droga5, filmed several different endings, and not even Molson Coors’ CEO knows which one will air during the game’s first half.


maya rudolph

M&M’s is returning to the big game after a year-long absence with a new 30-second spot during the second quarter.

After M&M’s faced backlash about its green and purple candies, the brand hinted that Emmy-winning actress Maya Rudolph may take the place of its legendary ‘spokescandies,’ which have been around since 1954.

Another teaser released on Feb. 2 alleged that Rudolph was replacing the candy’s filling with clams. However, as many have speculated, M&M’s confirmed that the drastic change is, in fact, a stunt, and the brand’s iconic mascots aren’t going anywhere.

The spot, produced by BBDO New York, will air during the third commercial break in the second quarter of Super Bowl LVII.

Netflix, General Motors

Streaming giant Netflix and General Motors have teamed up on a 60-second ad, campaign fronted by actor Will Ferrell. The spot will herald a recent partnership between the brands, which will facilitate EV appearances in a number of original Netflix shows and films. In the Super Bowl spot, Ferrell will navigate a GM EV through various scenes of popular Netflix titles, like Squid Game and Army of the Dead.

On Feb. 2, General Motors released two teaser spots, each starring Ferrell.


On Jan. 27, the league released two teaser clips for its 90-second in-game ad produced by 72andSunny. In the first, entitled ’Housekeeping,’ Cam Heyward of the Steelers and Aidan Hutchinson of the Lions pose as bellhops.

In ’It’s all about the sauce,’ the Jets’ Jalen Ramsey and the Rams’ Sauce Gardner play security guards who snack on fries and sauce in a dune buggy. The spot will air after the Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show.


Oikos is returning to the Super Bowl for its fourth year with an ad starring former NFL star and coach Deion Sanders and his family . In the ad, titled ’Family reunion,’ a family picnic turns into an epic cross-generational competition that simultaneously promotes the health benefits of Greek yogurt.

The spot will run before and during the game, as well as on the Fox Sports app, the Fox Now app and across Oikos’ social media.


PepsiCo plans to launch its first Super Bowl campaign in three years for its new-and-improved Pepsi Zero Sugar soda, one spot starring Ben Stiller and Steve Martin in the other.

The ads come from VaynerMedia and Caviar production. On February 2, the brand dropped two teaser spots showing the comic actors insulting one another on set.

In the first ad, after Stiller introduces himself as “actor Ben Stiller,” Martin jumps in by introducing himself as “better actor Steve Martin.”

They quickly veer into absurdist territory: “You couldn’t act your way out of a paper bag,” Stiller tells Martin. “Oh, you couldn’t act your way into the paper bag that I was acting in,” Martin retorts.

Apple Music will be the sponsor of this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, a niche that has been filled by Pepsi for the past 11 years.


Hormel Foods snack brand Planters will air a 30-second spot during the third quarter of Super Bowl LVII. The spot, developed by VaynerMedia, will bring back Mr. Peanut, who in previous campaigns, died and came back as “Baby Nut.“

The beloved mascot will also be at the mercy of the “Roastmaster General” himself, Jeff Ross, according to a teaser spot released on January 31. In the teaser, Ross appears extra salty, alluding to what fans can expect during the big game crackdown. ”Nice outfit. Where are you going, tap dancing in 1924?” he asks Mr. Peanut.


Frito Lay’s popped-corn brand PopCorners will revive not one but two beloved characters from Breaking Bad in its first-ever Super Bowl ad: Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The two characters will be played by the actors in the show, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

In a teaser released on Jan. 27, White and Pinkman sit in their RV (the original, seen in the show). When Pinkman attempts to start the vehicle, the two begin bickering about whether he is flooding the engine, reviving the tense yet comedic dynamic between the two characters in the show.

In another teaser clip released on Jan. 19, Pinkman snacks on PopCorners White Cheddar while he sits in his iconic lawn chair in the desert. As the camera pans, we see another empty lawn chair near the RV.


Kellogg’s owned Pringles plans to make its sixth consecutive ad appearance in the Super Bowl this year with a 30-second spot featuring Meghan Trainor. The campaign, produced by Grey, will mark the first time Pringles has featured a celebrity in an ad in five years.

In a 15-second teaser, the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter gets her hand stuck in a can of Pringles while making a now-famous TikTkok dance to her song, Made You Look. The ad continues the “stuck in” theme that the brand introduced last year. In the debut spot, the main character gets his hand caught in a can of Pringles and is forced to go through life wearing it.

On January 17, Pringles released a teaser image that kept Trainor’s identity hidden on its Instagram and Facebook accounts.


Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten will return to Super Bowl screens this February with none other than actress Alicia Silverstone. According to Rakuten’s big game teaser released on February 1, Silverstone will revive her role as Cher in the 1990 cult classic, Clueless, plaid yellow skirt suit and all.

The ad will also emphasize savings on Rakuten, in light of how rising inflation and a looming recession will affect consumers. Like the brand‘s previous Super Bowl LVI ad, the new spot will be created by its own in-house creative team.

Rémy Cointreau

Rémy Cointreau is returning to the Super Bowl for a third consecutive year following a recent rise in popularity . However, this time around, the cognac house is highlighting Rémy Martin in the big game for the first time.

The campaign, called ‘Inch by Inch,‘ will also feature tennis legend Serena Williams, as evidenced by two teaser spots released by the brand on Feb. 3. In one teaser, Williams is seen in a dark tunnel, and another, in a dimly-lit bar, with a glass of freshly poured cognac.

The 60-second spot, created by independent agency Fred & Farid, is set to run during the first quarter of the game. In addition to the TV spot, the brand will host a series of sampling events in over 2,000 liquor stores and wine shops, and visibility in 60 big events leading up to the big game, according to a Variety report.

The Servant Christian Foundation

Christian advocacy group The Servant Christian Foundation plans to make its big game debut with two advertisements — a 30-second spot and a 60-second spot — “showing how the teachings and example of Jesus demonstrate that radical love, generosity, and kindness have the power to change the world,” according to a statement shared with AdAge. The spots represent a continuaton of the group‘s ‘He gets us‘ campaign and were created by agency Lerma.


Squarespace will run its ninth Super Bowl spot this year: a 30-second ad developed by its in-house creative team. A teaser released by the brand on January 30 reveals a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot, as well as its upcoming celebrity cameo: Adam Driver, the actor known for playing Kylo Ren in the Star Wars film franchise.

The full in-game spot will explore the roots of Squarespace’s brand since its inception 20 years ago. Its award-winning director hasn’t yet been disclosed.


This February, Tubi will debut its first-ever Super Bowl campaign developed by its new agency of record, Mischief. Comprising three spots, campaign content will air during the first quarter, halftime block and fourth quarter of the game.

On January 30, the ad-supported streaming TV platform released two brief teaser clips, ’Gardener’ and ’Bleachers,’ which reveal not only a snapshot of Tubi’s big game campaign but also the brand’s new personality and long-term creative strategy.

In ’Gardener,’ a woman tending to her garden is suddenly interrupted by a sound. She looks over to see a massive carrot, with a chunk bitten out of it.

Meanwhile, in ’Bleachers,’ two high school sweethearts seek refuge under the bleachers for some alone time. Their romance is quickly foiled when they notice a massive hole materialize next to them.


The Super Bowl isn’t the only national event around the corner – lest we forget, tax season starts in late January. To commemorate both moments, assisted tax platform TurboTax announced the impending launch of ’Come to TurboTax,’ a campaign comprising seven short films that will culminate in a spot at the Super Bowl. The campaign spotlights TurboTax Live, which matches filers with a tax expert who, in just one meeting, will prepare, sign and file their taxes for them and allow them to get back to what they do best: not taxes. The campaign, created in partnership with Wieden+Kennedy, marks the brand’s 10th consecutive year advertising at the Super Bowl.


Ride-sharing service Uber is teaming up with legendary hip-hop mogul and record producer Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs – along with at least two undisclosed music legends – for its third consecutive Super Bowl appearance . The ad will promote Uber One, a membership offering that includes Uber and food delivery service, Uber Eats.

A teaser spot released on January 31 shows a trio of nervous-looking Uber marketers asking Diddy for a jingle. The teaser will run during the NFL Pro Bowl (February 5), the Grammy Awards (also February 5) and NCAA men’s basketball games. Uber plans to release the full in-game ad on February 7.

Warner Bros. Discovery

ezra miller

Warner Bros. will make its return to the big game after a 17-year absence to premiere a trailer for The Flash – a feature film based on the superhero television series, according to The Wrap. The studio last appeared at the Super Bowl in 2006, with promo spots for 16 Blocks, V for Vendetta and Poseidon.


Car accessory brand WeatherTech announced it would be a Super Bowl advertiser for the 10th straight year marking the 10th straight year, according to a Marketing Dive report.


Workday promises to put on a memorable show for ’Rock Star,’ its Super Bowl advertising debut. The enterprise software company today announced two rockstars that will star in its big game campaign, Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osborne and blues guitarist great Gary Clark Jr., via two teasers.

The brand also confirmed 70s punk icon Joan Jett and two additional unnamed rockers will join Ozzy and Gary. The spot will air during the third quarter of the game. It was produced by Ogilvy and directed by Jim Jenkins.

Other brands in the big game:

Apple Music

Brands sitting out:

BMW, Coca-Cola, Meta, Taco Bell, Toyota, Vroom

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